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Design Details: Carousel by Dropbox

I spent a long time trying to think of what app to cover for the next Design Details post. As of this writing, I’m approaching 400 installed apps on my phone – the search is getting harder.

Carousel is one of those odd apps that slipped onto my phone when it first launched but I hadn’t returned to it for …

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Design Details: Tumblr for iOS

I must admit up front that I never hopped on board the Tumblr train during its meteoric rise these past few years. While I’ve taken a fair stab at setting up a few blogs, I could never quite get the app to stick with me in the same way that a personal WordPress site (or even Medium) has been able …

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Design Details: Instagram for iOS

Instagram is one of the most beautifully designed apps in the world. That’s my opinion, of course, although it would be quite the challenge to argue against the product’s unrelenting focus on keeping it simple. Other apps in the photos space emphasize features and technology while Instagram just gets out of the way and lets you enjoy great pictures.

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Things are ramping up for the Design Details Podcast! The past few weeks we’ve been getting organized, testing our equipment, scheduling with guests, enabling our feeds and prepping the website for launch.

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Design Details: Android Lollipop Pt. 1

I missed some of the awkward “coming-of-age” years on the Android platform with Honeycomb (3.0), Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and Jelly Bean (4.1 – 4.3). My first true experience with Android was earlier this year on KitKat 4.4. The OS was nice, and not too jarring of a change from iOS 7 (at the time), but several quirks in the …

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The Design Details Podcast

It’s been a fun ride since I started publishing the Design Details posts back in February of this year. So far there have been 14 posts published which have reached readers in all corners of the world – thank you so much to everyone who has read, shared and enjoyed this series!

I’m excited to announce that in January of 2015, …

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Design Details: Square Order for iOS

I’ve admired the design work at Square for years. They have a striking aesthetic which allows their hardware and software to stand out in marvelous ways. Square’s products can now be found almost anywhere – surely, a large number of readers here have seen the beautiful Square Stand, or used the Square card reader at some point.

Square made its big …

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Design Details: Inbox by Google

It’s always big news when the Google machine unveils a new product. This week that something new is called Inbox, and it’s a slick rethinking of how we interact and handle an ever-increasing volume of emails.

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iPhone 6

The iPhone 6. This is the best iPhone that Apple has made, there’s no doubt in my mind.

A new form-factor combined with a larger, more brilliant display, come together to create a product that feels truly extraordinary. I find myself constantly running my finger across the edge of the new curved display, trying to find the impossibly-small seam between glass …

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Design Details: Hyperlapse for iOS

In this post I will explore the wonderful level of polish and style that Instagram’s designers have poured into Hyperlapse. The app is beautifully simple – almost to the point of confusion, where one might ask themselves: “Is this it?”

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Buffer’s CSS

This post takes a closer look at how we approach CSS at Buffer. While this post aims to highlight some of the tools and techniques we use to write CSS, it also serves a secondary purpose of highlighting where we can improve and optimize.

I’ve intentionally included some of our shortcomings here to provide a benchmark upon which we can compare ourselves down the road.

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Design Details: Pinterest for iOS

Pinterest, in addition to being a wonderful utility for so many people, is shipping some of the best design in the world. They have a quiet, soft and unassuming interface across web and iOS that remains out of the way and lets people focus on their own individual needs. In this Design Details post I’ll explore a few of the wonderful interactions in Pinterest for iOS – enjoy!

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Design Details: Foursquare for iOS

Foursquare is entering a new era. The long-time check-in service has undergone a radical redesign and reposition with its 8.0 release for iOS. No longer is Foursquare an app to check in at your favorite places and keep tabs on your friends – no, it’s now attempting to become the de facto recommendation engine for food and entertainment. The Verge …

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Design Details: SoundCloud for iOS

I use SoundCloud…a lot. As in, all the time, every day. I’ve been using it to curate new music for a few years now, and it’s been so fun to watch the platform evolve with each passing week. I admire SoundCloud’s ability to ship new features and improvements so often, striving to make the site faster and easier to use …

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Design Details: Path for iOS

Path for iOS has long been associated with beautiful design and having an obsessive attention to detail. Despite slow adoption by the general public – which actually appears to have grown in recent months – I’ve found that Path has always been an under-appreciated and overlooked product. While I can’t call myself a heavy user, I’m a huge fan of …

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Design Details: Skype for iOS

Skype for iOS released their 5.0 update for iOS last week. As a heavy Google+ Hangouts/Facetime user, Skype has been outside of my product radar for quite some time. Despite my lack of familiarity, Skype’s update shows an incredible amount of polish and attention to detail that designers out there will enjoy!

Follow me at @brian_lovin for tweets about design, startups …

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Design Details: Flickr for iOS

Flickr for iOS dropped a major update late last week. It’s an impressive redesign worthy of attention from photographers and designers alike. I’m excited about Yahoo’s renewed energy in the mobile space, and judging by the work that went into this update, it’s clear that their designers aren’t cutting any corners.

Follow me at @brian_lovin for tweets about design, startups and …

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Design Details: Sunrise for iOS

Sunrise for iOS recently replaced my stock iOS calendar app, and rightfully so. It’s a delightful piece of software that has so many neat little tricks – so many, in fact, that I’m sure this post will just scratch the surface.

Pierre Valade and Jeremy Le Van, the designers of this gorgeous app, packed several beautiful details into Sunrise with the …

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Design Details: Google Search for iOS

Google Search for iOS is one of those apps that doesn’t get much use on my phone, but has some really beautiful polish that designers out there will appreciate.

Google designers, like Noah Levin (who has been the sole designer on Google Search for iOS during the last three years), have been a huge inspiration in my own work in recent …

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